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Click-Away Pound Survey 2019: Privacy Statement

Click-Away Pound is a research survey designed to explore the online shopping experience of people with disabilities and examine the cost to business of ignoring disabled shoppers.

We are committed to respecting your privacy. The survey does not ask you for personal information that enables you to be identified. Your responses will be combined with those gathered from other survey participants, and will be analysed as part of a group. We do not use any of the information you provide for non-research activities and it will not be shared with any other organisation.

When you have completed the survey you will have the opportunity to enter a draw to win one of five Amazon gift vouchers, each worth £20. To take part, you will need to enter your email address. We will use this email address to conduct the draw and to contact you if you are successful, and for no other reason.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about this survey please email

Alternatively you can write to: Click-Away Surveys Ltd, 37 Buckingham Road, Brighton BN1 3RP


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